Technical Information on MILGO/BUFKIN Metal Laser Cutting

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Our high-speed C02 laser cutting centers give us exceptional cutting capabilities for intricate shapes using many types of material with very short set-up times. This high flexibility allows us to produce prototype and production parts in lot sizes that are cost effective for the customer. We specialize in developing components with very high accuracy and finish that would not be cost effective with conventional machine tools.

The CNC control assures repeatable positioning accuracy to +/- 0.002" across an area spanning 72" x 144". Using the full 5000 watts of available laser cutting power, we are able to cut materials to greater thickness, at better quality and much faster speeds, than lower powered machines. Parts are nested using software that minimizes waste and cutting time.

Our two Cincinnati lasers are very versatile pieces of equipment capable of cutting many types of metals and nonmetals. We specialize in laser cutting stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, and bronze. The Cincinnati lasers are capable of cutting nonmetallic materials as well as titanium, brass, and other metals. We consider on request nonmetallic cutting projects as these materials produce byproducts that require greater attention and precautionary measures due to the noxious or toxic gases from the material being burned.

The maximum thickness is 1 3/8" and cut quality at this thickness is largely related to material quality and composition.

The maximum thickness for "clean cutting" is 1/2". Clean cutting refers to the bright clean edge produced by using high-pressure nitrogen as the assist gas. In this application as well as with aluminum, the material is melted and blown away from the cut. The nitrogen also serves to prevent oxidation of the cut edge and cool the part during cutting to reduce edge hardening and heat-affected zone.

The maximum thickness is 1/2". Aluminum can be difficult to process because it tends to reflect the beam and absorb the heat from the laser. We have taken special precautions to prevent reflections and have good results cutting aluminum. It is not uncommon to have "feather like" burring on the bottom of the aluminum. The burs are generally not difficult to remove via a secondary operation. We can easily cut materials thicker than above, up to eight inches on our water jet machine.

The accuracy of the process is dependant on many different variables. The machinery is capable of being programmed in increments as small as 0.001", however material quality, thickness, and part geometry will often govern the accuracy of the final part. The accuracy achieved is generally within a few thousandths of the programmed values. We can address accuracy issues with you on a part-to-part basis and run samples for your study and approval.

We have the latest industry standard CAD packages linked via network to our manufacturing floor. Send us your designs and we'll get started.

In addition to our lasers we also have an Ingersoll-Rann water jet machine capable of cutting up to 8" thick material. We can cut sheets up to 96" wide and 240" long.

Another machine we use is a Strippit Global 20 punching machine that holds 30 dies, and uses auto tool changing. This machine can nibble out parts at 400 punches per minute, and punches holes 3" diameter in up to 3/16" thick material. Sheet size is limited to 60" x 144",

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