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Almost a century of creating miracles in metal

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When you need architectural metal in any finish to be fabricated for a high visibility project you must make sure to eliminate possible disappointments because there is so much at stake. That’s why it is important that you choose the provider with the most skill and experience. MILGO/BUFKIN has been creating high visibility architectural metal fabrications for the world’s largest builders, artists, designers and architects for almost a century. Our portfolio surpasses all others. That’s why you know that you can count on MILGO/BUFKIN to assure that the architectural metal for your showcase projects is fabricated to meet all of your expectations.

The First Name in Architectural Metal

MILGO/BUFKIN is the leading fabricator of fine architectural metal to meet the needs of the world’s leading builders, architects, and contractors. For nearly a century, we have provided architectural metal for buildings that have transformed the skyline of New York and many of the other great cities of the world. We work in all metals, including: steel, stainless steel, colored stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, bronze, brass, and copper, as well as painted and enameled metals.

MILGO/BUFKIN finishes metals in mirrored surfaces as well as brushed, satin, mirror, painted, enameled, and custom finishes.

Fast Estimates for Custom Architectural Metal Fabrication

Our metal fabrication facility is conveniently located in Brooklyn, New York, in the same location where we started in business almost a century ago. Our long reputation for custom fabricated architectural metal is based on the quality of our response and the high level of personal service we provide to every customer. We are located in the New York metro area but we ship worldwide to customers around the globe.

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